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Wayne Berry

Wayne Berry



Trusted advisor with over four decades in the industry. Collaborating with tenants and landlords to achieve their real estate goals.



Wayne, a Partner at ClearView, has over four decades of experience in the industry. When he began his career in real estate in 1980, his father gave him this advice: "If you want to excel in real estate, you have to specialize in one field. That way, you can concentrate on knowing it inside out and service your clients to the best of your ability." This advice became a guiding principle for Wayne, and now, approaching 45 years in the business, Wayne has hundreds of long-standing clients who benefit from the expertise and broad knowledge of the industrial market that he has acquired over his career.

Wayne loves industrial real estate because it is always fresh. Every time the phone rings, there is a new adventure, and it is particularly satisfying when the call is from someone new who was referred by a previous client.

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