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Get the most from your real estate investment with a landlord reprepresentative!

Our Commercial Real Estate agents will:

  • Do the legwork 

  • Help you determine an ideal lease rate

  • Promote your property 

  • Negotiate on your behalf

  • Do the research and planning to help you set yourself apart from the competition 

  • Find the right tenant to occupy your space. 


We will promote your property through: 


  • Targeted listings

  • Integrated web listings

  • Mass mailing to other brokerages


Throughout the process, we:

  • Respond immediately to interested prospects

  • Communicate prospect feedback to you

  • Inform you of any changing market conditions

  • Negotiate lease terms that protect your investment

Our knowledge of the Calgary real estate market gives us an insight into the local businesses and an edge in understanding the commercial real estate cycles which allows us to guide you in maximizing your investment.

Contact us to discuss

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